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We know that the hypotenuse squared is going to be equal to one squared, one squared plus two squared. The notes have example problems and explanations. . . When you are using a <b>Pythagorean</b>. Square root your answer: √40 = 6. . The answer is →R x R → x = 2 2 N N + 2 2 N N + 1. Pythagorean Theorem but in 3 dimensions!Subscribe for more math for fun videos 👉 https://bit. The hypotenuse is 26. To Find the Diagonal of a 3D Prism Diagonals of prisms have a different formula (length) 2 + (width) 2 + (height) 2 = (diagonal of prism) 2 To Find the slant height of a cone or pyramid 3D Figures It doesn’t matter that it is 3D, there is a right triangle hidden in the problem The slant height is just the hypotenuse of a right triangle.

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